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I am a editorial/event photographer and videographer working in the Detroit area. My commercial clients include the Ford Motor Company, General Motors, the Detroit Free Press, C&G Newspapers, Detroit Public Television, PBS, the Kresge Foundation and the US Department of Energy. I co-produce  the DPTV (PBS) program "Detroit Performs" a Emmy winning weekly television magazine showcasing local artists including musicians and capture editorial/event still photographs  for commercial clients.

the Paris of the New Millennium

A guy came up to me and said he was a poet from Hamtramck, he leaned in really close and whispered "You know it's going to be the Paris of the new millennium".  Like most people I tell this story to, I smiled, but he stayed perfectly straight faced.

What if he was right?  I'm sure he was talking about the late 20s Montparnasse era of Picasso, Cocteau, Chagall, Joyce, Duchamp, Hemingway, Dali, Miro and Beckett, where the artists and musicians drank (absinthe), fought and slept with each other. Enclaves of artists and musicians have historically produced more work of note than individual efforts. Would Kerouac have been as great without Burroughs, Ginsberg, Corso, Pollock, Monk and Frank?

The two square miles of Hamtramck contained by three sides of Detroit have always been a destination for immigrants. With the downsizing of the auto industry, the Polish population (1950s 80%- today 20%) moved out and people from Yemen and Bangladesh are populating the city, but another group has moved in: Artists and Musicians... "because it's cheap and safe".  

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